Boston Medical Center – Crosstown, Shapiro


Boston, MA


Boston Medical Center


Tsoi Kobus Design


Hallway featuring modular wall panel system

TOCCI is currently acting as CM to renovate multiple floors in the Crosstown and Shapiro Buildings of Boston Medical Center.

Crosstown 5 – Primary Care Clinics

The 5th floor entails a remodel of both offices and outpatient services, including 46 exam rooms, offices, charting rooms, and more. One of the distinguished features of this project is the use of demountable partitions with KI’s modular wall panel system.

Crosstown 7 – Outpatient Pediatrics Clinics

The seventh floor utilizes the same modular wall system that the fifth floor does, to support exam rooms and offices for outpatient pediatrics.

Shapiro 5 – OB/GYN Clinic

Roughly 5,000 sf, Shapiro’s first floor will act as a women’s OB/GYN clinic to support reproductive health services.