Checking in on Cambridge Health Alliance’s Malden Care Center

TOCCI makes progress on fast-track, occupied space renovation with Cambridge Health Alliance

TOCCI promotes continuity of care for Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA). When TOCCI received the award for their Malden Care Center Renovation, we knew that keeping CHA open throughout construction was critical to their patients. We are managing site safety, logistics, and containment to ensure staff continue their service.  

The project involves converting 20,000 sf of underutilized storage into outpatient psychiatric service on the second floor of an occupied building adjacent to an active eye clinic. When complete, the dynamic outpatient facility will consist of multiple consult rooms (both adult and pediatric), group therapy spaces, shared clinical areas, waiting rooms and administrative and multi-purpose space. Oh, and did we mention project completion, occupancy, and licensure by Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) must happen before the close of December 2023? 

“This has been an exciting partnership between CHA, NEMD Architects, and TOCCI” says Sally Akiki, the Project Manager on the Malden Care Center project. “We appreciate that, like TOCCI, NEMD prioritizes collaboration, coordination, and open communication. Their responsiveness has made all the difference on this fast-track schedule. TOCCI, the architect, and our trades have healthcare experience and we’re moving the project forward with remarkable fluidity. Everyone is forging ahead to meet the CHA’s goal and vision. We look forward to having end users in the completed space.”  

Drawing on the team’s experience working throughout well-known area hospitals has been key to meeting project milestones. They have been able to tackle long lead time items like welded door frames and glass partitions, complete in-wall inspections for MEP work, and move forward with opening the ceiling for skylights to bring in natural light and create a striking architectural feature. 

 Working within complex and sensitive spaces can be challenging. Understanding potential issues and finding solutions based on previous experience positions us for success. Experience plus partnerships with our subcontractors keep the work on schedule so CHA can continue to serve their community