Program Managament

It’s time to build, reaping the fruit of TOCCI’s 3-step process. Using precoordinated designs from the DPM phase, we mesh prefab components with standard field-built work – all rehearsed and optimized with 4D model visualization.  

To get the results they want, owners need control, especially in costs and schedule. TOCCI shows you how time and money are spent, forecasts overruns, and identifies solutions. TOCCI’s role moves owners from under the hood to behind the wheel.We live and breathe your project. We ARE Integrated Project Delivery, we ARE technology. We can’t help but carry owner concerns, a love for design, and a hunger for neighborhood improvement.

View from lobby entrance: Autodesk sign and view of floating conference rooms

All For One

Building the first IPD project in the Northeast made us believers. True IPD replaces confrontation with collaboration. Participants share risk and reward, owning the result without excuse. This drives concern for each other’s performance. Working in a common digital model eliminates error and infuses creativity. The result is extraordinary buildings which regularly outperform expectations.

The Big Picture

TOCCI invests in listening to your core objectives for buildings and operations. We hear your values and hopes expressed in desires for smooth workflow, natural light, connection to the outdoors, and gathering places. Working alongside designers, we become multipliers as we help teams achieve your goals.

Choose Well

We run an unusual RFP process; in addition to clear statements of criteria and needs for each discipline, we focus on how to help owners evaluate and select the most appropriate CM and design team. Project success depends on getting the right players on the bus, especially when the goal includes high collaboration.

Make Rules

The PEP produces a playbook – the tools and rules for efficiency and harmony. The most capable parties are identified to assume responsibility. Risks are prioritized according to severity. Specific actions are developed to minimize and extinguish.

Fuse Teams

A Project Execution Planning (PEP) session is held for major contractors, design team members, and owner stakeholders (sponsors) to clarify your objectives and agree on a governance framework. We include the how, when, and where of communication, behavior, and deliverables.

Mind the Money

We give you a dashboard you don’t need to be an accountant to understand. We integrate cost estimating with the building information model (BIM) to ensure the design/cost stays under control. This preserves the design and produces maximum value.

Circle the Experts

We bring industry professionals together to infuse their expertise in your project. You have access to top talent through our deep network, connecting not only designers and constructors but attorneys and risk professionals.

Genentech Building 35 in San Francisco

Our experience with TOCCI was so positive that we retained them to help the project implement a special projects implementation of a similar HCPD system. This was a three-year, campus-wide program which integrated three design and construction teams each responsible for either lab, office or GMP manufacturing projects. This too resulted in dramatically improved performance including improved communication between teams, better as built documentation, elimination of waste and schedule certainty.

Major Pharmaceutical Owner, San Francisco