Construction Management

It’s time to build, reaping the fruit of TOCCI’s 4-step process. Using precoordinated designs from the DPM phase, we mesh prefab components with standard field-built work – all rehearsed and optimized with 4D model visualization.  

We shoulder the responsibility of every level of construction, including trade partners’ work, to quash risk, keep you in control, and deliver a building you’re proud of. Our leadership in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) brings us deeper into each building system.

We live and breathe your project. We ARE Integrated Project Delivery, we ARE technology. We can’t help but carry owner concerns, a love for design, and a hunger for neighborhood improvement.

a graphic featuring our in-house commodities analyst and a recent commodity report snapshot of lumber and steel futures

Buy Smart

Using supply chain management tools, our analysts track 40+ commodity indices to plan the best time to purchase major equipment and materials. A direct link to this weekly data with your project’s cost model forecasts potential impacts. The timing of these decisions is constantly updated to give a clear view of the latest responsible moment to purchase and dampen inflation.

Fail Digitally

Our digital modelers and schedulers are in lockstep to turn schedules into 3D videos. This balancing act is what optimization is all about and must happen early so realistic milestones can be agreed on with trade partners and proper staffing levels committed.

Tech Accel

Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides answers every day of a project’s life, preventing mistakes and yielding information almost immediately. Our models reveal how air, water, power, and gas systems circulate. Matterport documents and validates installations before they’re permanent. Laser scanning in existing buildings reveals the actual geometry of columns, piping, and duct work – often showing major discrepancies. Drones investigate conditions unsafe for humans. From design to closeout, our tech improves quality, saves time, and creates value.

Build Fair

Caring is a fundamental value at TOCCI. An intentional Culture of Care creates a workplace where people find belonging and opportunity. TOCCI invites everyone in to learn and prosper regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and all the labels that divide.

Have Fun

Building in harmony means relationships matter. Concern for the community and transparency are key aspects of success. Construction creates plenty of opportunity for stress – we can’t avoid every concern, but we can listen early and often. We can speak honestly and invest in local relationships.

Walkway next to outdoor amenity space at Flats on First

Urban Spaces and TOCCI have partnered together for the past two years to build Flats on First, a mixed-use development in the First Street Corridor, adjacent to Kendall Square. TOCCI’s range of abilities, processes, and passion have combined to deliver an excellent project despite several challenges. Every project has opportunities for differences of opinion. However, we’re also pleased with TOCCI’s forthright culture and their proactive manner of resolving problems while maintaining our mutual goals. TOCCI is an unusually good construction company, and they will serve your needs well.

Paul Ognibene, CEO of Urban Spaces, LLC Cambridge MA