Industrialized Construction

The two leading threats to your project are labor and inflation. Today, demand for skilled labor outstrips supply throughout the supply chain, and commodity swings create huge price uncertainty. Industrialized Construction (IC) provides an effective hedge against these risks by moving large portions of your project to the factory. The call for compressed schedules, dependable cost, and higher quality is often best answered in a controlled environment.

From partial prefab to full volumetric modular, there is deep opportunity in fabricating portions of your project offsite… better. TOCCI has been a leader in this simple but rare innovation for over 20 years.

Make Smooth

IC eliminates needless design variation. Ironically, this constraint often leads to better design. Lean Manufacturing then applies tested methods to your design. Bulk purchased materials flow with boring efficiency, producing faster assemblies with 30% less waste. Sustainability soars: drama is eliminated.

Make Precise

Factories using CNC machinery and 3D printing produce precision no construction site can match. Materials are fabricated using safe, robotic tools. Joinery is crisp and tight. Work fastened in the factory results in connections that develop full strength for longer life.

Make Simple

Every building has zones of complexity where multiple systems come together: lab ceilings, control rooms, patient headboards, even baths and showers. Multi-trade racks and assemblies fashioned in the factory consistently outperform field installations in quality, coordination, space efficiency, and future maintenance.

Make Daily

Work happens in the factory every day, regardless of the weather. Light, temperature, and humidity are constant. Materials stay dry. Finishes are applied in optimal conditions. Up to 60% of building inspections can be performed or eliminated in the factory, saving weeks of delay. 

Make Smart

The factory environment is the optimal place to train entry-level workers, standardize skill assessment, and accelerate advancement. It’s ideal for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

Make Safe

Removed from hazards inherent to construction sites, workers, staff, and patient safety is increased. Exposures to hot work, infection control, and fall hazards are dramatically reduced. The factory setting is climate controlled and ergonomically friendly with power assisted workflow. Picture better lighting, cleaner air, and production lines at a proper height with optimal workspace and range of motion.

Modular design requires deep forethought and collaboration for seamless flow. We thank the Owner for selecting design-build and bravely taking the next step with modular. We also thank our service members for their patience as their homes took shape in the factory. We are proud to deliver this project to hardworking service members and feel grateful for the opportunity.

James Boucher, Director of Operations