Design Phase Management

Project success depends on effective planning. Far more robust than preconstruction, Design Phase Management (DPM) is constant construction advocacy throughout design. This upfront approach results in faster design and fewer construction-phase changes. It yields cost savings and a certainty that our finished product matches your vision.

Steady collaboration helps you and your architect, consultants, and constructors self-manage, making solid decisions in your interest. This holistic approach mitigates risk. We use several tools including Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) techniques and Design-Build thinking.

manage the design phase

During Design Phase Management (DPM), TOCCI’s planning team uses tools such as the LOD specification to assist design partners in prioritizing the design’s delivery to meet the Owner’s need to validate their project’s cost and buildability. The expression “first things first” means something in design scheduling – and proprietary process diagrams help!

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Frame the Design

With intelligent guardrails, we protect the design team’s ability to produce documents that survive the “bidding battle”. Using a process based on the Level of Development (LOD) specification, we provide a clear image of what “done” looks like at each stage.

Beat the Buzzer

Producing documents on time requires punctual decisions – ours and yours. Early in the design process, we identify the Latest Responsible Moment (LRM) for you to make decisions and selections with confidence.

Link Costs

Get immediate feedback with digital models tied to cost accounting systems – there’s no waiting to find out if your design choices are within budget.

Link Arms

Whenever possible we embed our staff with your design team to guide design development. Coordination is best done together. We don’t wait for a completed design to ask others to organize your building. We work with the same digital model to optimize your building before it goes out to bid. Our trade partners (subcontractors) show their appreciation for pre-coordinated plans with lower and more confident pricing.

Modular design requires deep forethought and collaboration for seamless flow. We thank the Owner for selecting design-build and bravely taking the next step with modular. We also thank our service members for their patience as their homes took shape in the factory. We are proud to deliver this project to hardworking service members and feel grateful for the opportunity.

James Boucher, Director of Operations