TOCCI has been constructing buildings throughout the Northeast for nearly a century. Our experience informs our four core offerings for clients within the built environment. Our innovative process delivers value for clients, regardless of service or delivery method.

Design Phase Management

Great buildings begin with inspired design and clear planning. We celebrate design and stay on track by working with your design team to ensure every step taken is forward, not back. We are design-friendly budget holders. Our goal is to deliver a building with more style, durability, and efficiency than you expect.

  • Frame the Design with intelligent guardrails
  • Beat the Buzzer by embedding with your design team
  • Link Costs with steady cost validation
  • Link Arms with us for cost-effective solutions

Industrialized Construction

The demand for skilled labor outstrips supply in every market today. Industrialized Construction moves assembly from site to factory. The ever-rising demand for condensed schedules, lower costs, and higher quality is best met in a controlled factory environment. From partial prefab to full modular, there is no limit to above-grade work that can be constructed off site… better.

  • Make Smooth with low cost, low waste + faster delivery
  • Make Precise with manufacturing precision
  • Make Simple with pre-assembled multi-trade components
  • Make Daily in a controlled environment, eliminating delays + damage
  • Make Smart in sustainable training grounds to educate apprentices
  • Make Safe in a climate controlled environment

Construction Management

Whether it’s ground-up, interiors, new, or renovation, we shoulder the responsibility of every aspect of construction to mitigate your risk, keep you informed, and deliver a building you are proud of. We combine experience with technology to uncover hidden risks and latent costs – from the start, we plan beyond.

  • Buy Smart using tools tied to commodity indices
  • Fail Digitally if optimization isn’t balanced
  • Tech Accel with digital modeling, laser scanning, robotics + more
  • Build Fair so everyone attains purpose, protection, + promotion
  • Have Fun with agencies + neighbors to build a project benefitting everyone

Boston Medical Center

Program Management

Owners need a guide to make their master plan happen. As your program manager, we help everyone on your team achieve one gratifying result. Yours. TOCCI assembles the most qualified firms and latest tools to execute your master plan. Whether it’s a single building or an entire campus, we run the process start to finish so you can focus on your business.

  • All for One when we implement IPD
  • The Big Picture, or “guiding the master plan”
  • Choose Well when selecting your teams
  • Make Rules to make your plan happen
  • Fuse Teams with intensive planning
  • Mind the Money with a cost control system with team dashboards
  • Circle the Experts, both in-house and external

Our Tools:


The Problem:

Personal Protective Equipment is essential but protects only the body.

The Solution:

Safety is deeply woven into our company’s DNA. Keeping the worksite incident-free requires onsite training before each phase of work to understand the “how” and “why” of a safe approach. It means undergoing Emergency Preparedness Training to be ready, equipped, and aware.

Caring for the whole person means TOCCI talks about eating right, staying fit, getting enough sleep, and having a healthy outlook. We talk about what to do when you’re not okay because there is nothing taboo about mental health in construction. We take time to develop a Culture of Care that welcomes and promotes all people with potential, without exception.

Each employee ensures our work is done safely, so every person goes home safely and returns the next day.” 

– TOCCI Safety Survey

TOCCI Personal Protective Equipment

Radical Change

The Problem:

We all love Innovation, but how do we know if we’re saving time and money with tech like lasers, drones, and BIM?

The Solution:

At TOCCI, every advancement must improve schedule, budget, and/or our quest for flawless execution. 20 years ago, we led BIM implementation on the East Coast to measurably reduce errors and rework. We document actual savings and ROI. We make cool tech earn its way.

Laser scanning TOCCI


The Problem:

Construction is inherently unsustainable. A large percentage of materials and effort are wasted; landfills are crammed full of construction mistakes and carelessness.

The Solution:

We take our role as stewards of the Earth seriously. We push fabrication offsite to reduce labor and onsite inefficiencies. We partner with sophisticated recycling operations. We digitally sequence activities to reduce waste. We put plans into place knowing we’ll check and adjust to make construction lighter on our land.

Even Better

The Problem:

Technology is touted but underutilized. Despite an abundance of new tools, personal productivity is decreasing.

The Solution:

We partner with Lean and Industrial Construction consultants to train staff and trade partners. We achieve breakthroughs using onsite education and support. “There must be a better way” is a way of life at TOCCI. We ask this simple question before each major activity. We “Choose by Advantages” to make decisions with facts, not emotion. The “Last Responsible Moment”drives on-time selections, and RACI charts pinpoint accountability.

GCs say they are only as good as the subcontractors… TOCCI is different. They recognized an opportunity to help trade partners at Courthouse Lofts via Lean learning. As a result, frontline workers reduced the amount of time looking for tools, materials, and information by more than 60%.”