Tocci has been constructing buildings throughout the Northeast for nearly a century. Our experience informs our three core offerings for clients within the built environment. Our innovative process delivers value for clients, regardless of service or delivery method.

01 Construction

Since starting 1922, we’ve learned a thing or two about construction technology, delivery methods, and the expectations of other key stakeholders — owners, architects, and subcontractors. Regardless of delivery method, Tocci consistently delivers projects using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

02 Program Management

Tocci offers Program Management in conjunction with BIM Services to ensure client representation and satisfaction. As Program Manager, we become an extension of our clients, supporting the faithful implementation of your vision. Tocci’s Program Management service includes:

  • Project Execution Planning
  • Design Team Selection
  • Design Integration Management
  • Cost Engineering
  • Construction Procurement
  • BIM Execution Planning
  • Change Management
  • Colocation Management
  • Project Controls
  • Quality Control
  • Construction Observation and Monitoring

03 Process Transformation

Tocci’s Process Transformation service enables lifecycle BIM adoption at the project and enterprise level. Whether you’re adopting BIM on a single project, multiple projects, or as an organization, BIM is a complex undertaking; its 10% technology, 90% sociology. Tocci makes it simple. Our BIM experience is unmatched in the Northeast, and our approach addresses both the technology and the sociology of BIM.

Project BIM Facilitation

Tocci facilitates BIM on projects to support teams with integrated BIM delivery. Although Tocci’s scope of services varies depending on the project and client, our involvement enables maximum results from BIM. Early in a project, Tocci will work with the team to develop a BIM Execution Plan (BEP), a framework for strategically implementing BIM that include best practices, standards, and protocols. Throughout the project, Tocci performs BIM Healthchecks to validate and then adjust the team’s process and digital data. Tocci can also work with clients to  calculate the return on investment of BIM on projects; Tocci considers Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including cost, construction waste, schedule performance, and project risks.

Enterprise BIM Facilitation

BIM implementation requires process transformation that is unique to your business. Tocci works with clients to develop a Long-Term Roadmap, which outlines the desired goals, tactical steps, and required resources for BIM adoption. Our collaborative approach enables organizations to learn about BIM as they develop their strategy. We often work with clients to implement the  Long-Term Roadmap, which includes tactics such as BIM Standards, Training Programs, and Pilot Projects.

Tell Us About Your Project

Tell Us About Your Project