TOCCI Celebrates Women in Construction


TOCCI, The Davis Companies, and RODE celebrated Women in Construction (WIC) Week at 1515 Commonwealth Ave.

TOCCI applauds the hard work and valuable contributions of the women in our office and on our job sites.

Boston Commissioner of Inspectional Services, Tania Del Rio as well as Plans Examiner and first ever female building inspector at Inspectional Services, Cheryl Odom were in attendance from Mayor Wu’ office. Each shared their own experiences and career journeys, stressing the importance of fostering growth and opportunity for women in construction.

“This is what Boston needs right now.” said Del Rio, “… I think that the results of having such a diverse workforce, with all the perspectives present, can be seen in the results of this 1515 Commonwealth project. I want to say that at Inspectional Services, we share those values.”

In 2023, women made up 10.8% of the entire construction industry (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). By highlighting the success of women, TOCCI hopes to inspire future generations of women to be involved in all aspects of this industry, and we advocate for a more inclusive work environment.

Inspired by her father’s trade experience, Adrienne from Design Mechanical, Inc. shared how she was once working at a popular coffee chain and is now a plumber at 1515 Commonwealth Avenue. She explained how her interest in construction motivated her to ask the tradesmen and women who frequented her shop on how to get involved in the industry. She now works alongside them.

“I advise all women, to tell a friend to tell a friend, to let’s get in here and show men what we’re made of.”

Adrienne, DMI

Caitlin Fitzgerald from TOCCI, Caroline Jones from RODE, and Gretchen McGill from The Davis Companies also shared insights with the audience.

About Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction (WIC) Week is an annual event recognizing the achievements and contributions of women in the construction industry.

In 1953, sixteen women formed a group called “Women in Construction of Fort Worth, Texas” with the hopes of creating a support network for women working in a male-dominated field. They became so successful that it gained national charter in 1955, and officially became the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). In 1998, NAWIC held their first Women in Construction Week, with it continuing to grow and expand each year.