What’s the difference between craftsmanship and something that is merely made?


glassblowing with torch on

Ryan Ward of United Measures enlightens us on the subject

It might seem like a stretch to try and draw a parallel between a frame maker and a builder, but incisive parallels exist within the story of Ryan Ward of United Measures. The very question applies to anyone that constructs, whether it be a frame to mount to a wall or the creation of the wall itself. What is the difference between someone who crafts, and someone who makes?

This inquiry resonates greatly with us as we are very much the cog in the architectural machine that crafts the greater vision. Our process isn’t rote, it isn’t going through the motions, and most definitely is not just a means to an end. As Ward puts it:

Someone who makes frames doesn’t care for the process or the subtle changes in timber or stain. A craftsman, by contrast, reacts to them, thinks on the fly, and understands that a certain joint would be better than another and that some timbers should be celebrated and enhanced, while very few should be painted. A craftsman can also create to your specifications and always wants to work with a client and with their treasured pieces of work, art, and design 

Ryan Ward, United Measures

He points out that he considers himself a “fine art frame fabricator.” If he’ll permit us, we’d like to borrow such a term and think of ourselves as Fine Art Builders: deeply devoted to our projects, deeply devoted to our craft.

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