TOCCI’s Co-Op Check In


Nurturing Future Leaders: TOCCI Co-Op Experiences

TOCCI is proud to provide valuable opportunities for young professionals. Our Co-Op program is designed to immerse students in real-life scenarios. Through hands-on projects and mentorship, TOCCI aims to cultivate the next generation of industry leaders. Let’s take a closer look at some of TOCCI’s current Co-Ops and their experiences!

Meghan Knight – Planning + Cost Engineering Co-Op
Right now, I am working on a bid evaluation and overlaying the new and old plans for Eleanor Slater Hospital. I am enjoying learning more about a project by doing takeoffs and filling out the QTO spreadsheet. I’m excited to learn how to compile all the project information for a final submission. The biggest challenge I have had is staying organized – it’s easy to accidentally place quotes in the wrong project folder! On the bright side, I’ve gained valuable skills in phone communication and understanding basic steps of estimating.

My biggest takeaway so far is that construction is very hard. The amount of communication and coordination needed to construct large buildings seems unfathomable at times. However, with great difficulties comes great rewards!

John Thach – Field Operations Co-Op

John Thach – Field Operations Co-Op
I am currently distributing punch list items to subcontractors and verifying their completion, alongside assisting with data entry in Procore and site walkthroughs. My co-op experience has been smooth thanks to a supportive team, despite the steep learning curve. I’m eagerly anticipating the TCO for the rental units at 1515 Commonwealth Ave, and my favorite aspect has been using Procore in real projects. The biggest challenge has been adapting to the unique work environment and safety protocols. My key takeaway is that construction requires immense coordination and communication, but the rewards are substantial.

Aleks Fever – Field Co-Op
I have been dealing with documentation and the punch-list process within the Condo building at 1515 Commonwealth Ave. This includes taking photos of completed work and walking through the units to create work-to-complete lists. I enjoy being onsite with the team and the foremen. It’s rewarding to see the progress made each day and week. I am looking forward learning more about the construction process and to seeing the eventual finished building. My biggest challenges have been navigating this fast paced, busy environment and learning to prioritize my most important tasks. Overall, I have been learning a lot and am enjoying the work!