Tocci’s End-of-year Reflection: Accomplishments Inspire Resolutions


participants in the Spartan race arrive at the finish line

By reflecting on personal accomplishments of 2014, we can then look ahead to the possibilities for 2015.

This year we can take on new challenges both individually and as a team.

Okay for what it’s worth – I did the first thing good for my body in a while, I ran in the Fenway Spartan Race on Saturday, November 15th. Most of the competitors participated in teams. It was very cool to be competing inside Fenway Park. The course starts by running up the “stadium steps” of the Green Monster and through the bleachers. Then you have to spider crawl up the stadium ramps under nylon nets. This was probably my least favorite obstacle, the concrete tears up your knees and hands and it feels like you’re crawling forever. Next is to climb a 20’ rope in front of the Green Monster and net climb from the warning track into the bleachers, where you do twenty hand-release push-ups in the visitor’s locker room. Once back outside, you throw a javelin at a hay bale with a Grecian Soldier’s outline on it, vault over a series of 5-foot barriers on the warning track in front of the bullpen, launch and climb yourself over an 8-foot wall, monkey bar across a 20-foot span, and finally you “rock” climb sideways across a plywood barrier.

Truly, none of the “obstacles” are anything that as a team you couldn’t all handle. When you get stuck at an obstacle such as the 8-foot wall, your teammates are there to help boost you over. For me, the anguish was the 3 or 4 miles of running you’re doing as you go from obstacle to obstacle. I’m spending next season getting in better cardio shape for this thing. I highly recommend putting a “squad’ together for it; we’re planning a Tocci Team for next year. It’s a very fun event. If you’re in good shape, you’re doing this thing in less than one hour. If you do it in 45 minutes, you’re “elite”. But if you merely finish it, you rock! It was a great time and then it was off to Jerry Remy’s to enjoy the post-event fun! Check out this video to get an idea about what you’ll be getting yourself into.