Tocci Safety Week 2014


Tocci construction workers listen in on Chuck's safety speech

Although safety is a constant priority for Tocci (we have won safety awards for the past 10+ years), we felt that engaging in Safety Week this year was a great opportunity.

It’s never a negative thing to remind yourself of the reasons for site safety. This week, our Director of Safety, Chuck Rosenthall, was able to travel to some of our larger job sites and conduct safety meetings. These meetings covered the 4 high hazards: falls, struck by, electrocution, and caught-between. Other general safety measures were reiterated and some sites had fall protection experts perform demonstrations.

The safety meeting that I attended had coffee, donuts, and fantastic Tocci T-shirts (see the photos below). The big takeaway for me? Take one extra second before beginning your task to ask yourself if you are being safe. If your child or spouse was performing the same task, would you want them using your equipment in the same manner as you?

Have you participated in any Safety Week events this week? Tweet at us here.