Tocci Representatives Speak at Bentley Conference


several monitors hanging from wall, saying "AU"

Last week, Laura Handler and Courtney Pagani attended and presented at Bentley’s annual user conference, BE.

Courtney taught two classes: a hands-on lab reviewing Tocci’s Bentley Navigator tips and trips and a lecture sharing Tocci’s approach to using Navigator. Laura was included in one of the keynotes; she shared how Tocci is currently using Bentley’s new iPad apps, and how Tocci envisions using them in the future.

Last year, we were excited to see Bentley’s R&D related to iPads on the conference floor. It was even more exciting to see enough development over the past year that we are able to actually use it on projects and then share it with other users. This year, we were excited to see some great vendors working directly with Bentley on integration – including Vela and Smart. Hopefully, we’ll be able to present how we’re using their product integrations next year!