Tocci Hosts Young Professionals Event


2 young adults working on project through laptop

On May 2nd Tocci Building Companies was privileged to host the first Young Professionals event in conjunction with the North Suburban Chamber of Commerce and Sandler Training.

The event was intended to link and educate rising leaders who live or work in the north suburban area from Lexington to Stoneham and North Reading to Concord.

With the help of Jason Hartz from Sandler Training, this first event focused on the wants and needs of today’s young professionals. Shockingly there was one common theme amongst these go-getters: the desire to collaborate. Each individual clearly stated the reason they attended the event was to exchange skills and relationships both individually and as a firm. As a business graduate, I could not help but tie this back to economics 101 and the rule of comparative advantage: The ability of a firm or individual to produce goods and/or services at a lower opportunity cost than other firms or individuals.

Sitting in a circle to facilitate conversation each of us offered one way we could help another as well as one way the group could help them. This made it easy for attendees to discover exactly what their comparative advantage was and how they could use it to leverage the help of others.

After a great first event, Tocci is looking forward to hosting, collaborating, and participating in this Young Professionals Group.