Steel Fabrication at Crate and Barrel


man working a steel fabrication machine

Tocci works with Teng Associates and SteelFab at Crate and Barrel Natick

Crate and Barrel Natick was our first opportunity to leverage direct-from-model fabrication, working with the architect: Teng Associates and The steel fabricator, SteelFab. Because Teng utilized Revit to design the project, SteelFab was able to bring geometry into a program called Tekla for detailing. The model-based workflow allowed all parties involved to quickly review issues.

To better understand SteelFab’s workflow, the entire team, Teng included, visited their fabrication facility in Charlotte, NC. SteelFab’s use of Tekla enables them to take advantage of direct-to-CNC exports. After CNC fabrication, SteelFab utilizes a coding system to keep track of each piece of steel for the project.

This workflow more than reduced review time; it also eliminated field issues, resulting in efficient field execution.