New Employee Announcement: Lila Tocci


Lila and John Tocci posing for photo

Lila Tocci has recently joined our team as the Director of Company Life and Charitable Giving.

Part of Tocci’s company foundation includes our covenant, which states: “We think, we care, we perform, we restore.” Within her role, Lila’s aspiration is to help us stay true to that covenant by nurturing our involvement in helping others.

Over the past few months, you may have seen some of Lila’s blog posts detailing Tocci’s community service and charitable contributions on a local and national level. Some of her posts include:

  • Tocci’s involvement with Vision Georgia
  • The Any Soldier project in June
  • Tocci’s support of the Boston Trinity Academy Scholarship Program

Lila also directs company life, which integrates corporate giving with employee relations. She has organized such events as the Dinner and Discussion series and the July, with more in the works. All of these events are organized with a core goal in mind: improved integration of team members, functioning together as one unit. Additionally, since Tocci embraces life-long learning, she has been working on a Tocci bookshelf project for the home office, so that all employees may share and discuss book excerpts to learn and grow from one another.

Lila possesses an extensive background in education having worked with public high school students, private middle school students, and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. She wishes to encourage Tocci employees to develop their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and become more effective as employees and as people. In the short time Lila has been here, she has already grown company life in many ways. We are eager to experience the ideas and objectives that she will continue to bring to Tocci.