Employee Spotlight – Rinkesh Gajera, Project Manager


Rinkesh Gajera with spotlight on him

Project Manager Rinkesh Gajera is a force of nature in TOCCI’s Planning department.

As a project manager, Rinkesh is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing projects. Rinkesh is an expert at ensuring a project is completed on time and on budget. This month, we take a moment to see how he’s doing: 

Which projects are you on right now? Which ones have IDP?

I am working on the 1515 Commonwealth Ave. project right now, as well as the BMC Crosstown one, which is an IDP. I’ve also been working on the CHA Cambridge Health Lines project.

What has been one of your favorite projects?

When it comes to 1515 and BMC jobs, I like the scheduling part, where I can update the schedule alongside supervisors and superintendents. I work with others to make sure it’s all correct: general conditions, order changes, and more.

So far, 1515 has been my favorite project, because I play a large role in the design phase management of it. I understand the 1515 project well. In other words, I’m able to best implement my knowledge to this project, better than projects from past jobs. My role is diverse here at TOCCI. I love numbers, so I love my work.

How would you describe your way of getting things done?   

I usually make a list of who should be the right person to answer a particular question, if I have a particular problem with a job. This is to make sure I’m getting the best and most reliable answer, while not asking the same person too often. Depending on the difficulty of the situation, I prefer talking to someone in person, because ideas are easier to explain face-to-face.

Also, it’s better to be the dumb one in the room, rather than the genius – that way, people will explain things better and not expect you to know everything. There’s no question too dumb to ask.

What do you like about your role here at TOCCI?  

I like how my role here at TOCCI isn’t limited to scheduling. TOCCI has a great support system – my manager, Marvin, mentors me in my role.

What do you like to do for fun?  

I enjoy cricket and watching thriller, mystery, and horror movies. I love to cook (Indian food typically) for my wife and me, but when I eat out, I enjoy trying new, different foods.

Rinkesh is always so quick to jump on any task we ask for him. From whipping out schedules, GC’s, and JR’s to creating and maximizing the efficiency of our day to day spreadsheets. His skill set and intelligence partnered with his values and work ethic make him such a pleasure to work with. He is a huge asset to both P+CE and operations alike. And now we all get to look forward to the next generation of Gajera’s! Congratulations Rinkesh and Isha!

Kevin Bermingham