Clean Modeling Prevents “Glazing” Over the Details


worm's eye view of skyscraper with glazed glass panels

Glaze what you mean

Part of the model “clean up” goes beyond Tocci’s fondness for no clutter and speaks to actual problems that could arise during pricing and procurement. In the process of vetting different options for the façade, several types of glazing were created, many of which are very similar or the same.

Tocci has seen this happen and brought it to the attention of the designers who are currently working to remove redundant glazing types. For example, what is called “First Floor Glass” and “L1 Glazing” is actually the same type of glazing just a different name resulting in confusion and potentially faulty pricing from pricing too many glazing types? By cleanly modeling what is intended to be glazed with we have a clear (pardon the pun) vision of what the intent of the scheme is.