Another Update on 88 Wareham Street


Wooden poles at construction site

The project at 88 Wareham Street is a six-story steel structure building supported by 251 wood piles and ten micro piles, each with a pile bearing capacity of 30 tons.

Once completed, this South End Boston project will feature 7,300 square foot automated parking system with a 45 vehicle capacity. You can read more about it here. We checked in with Superintendent, John Adams, to get the scoop:

This tight site requires careful logistics planning. As it also abuts another in progress construction project which included the demolition of an existing building, certain work such as the demolition had to be completed before any work at 88 Wareham Street could start.

In the coming months, we will be tackling many of our temperature sensitive operations during the winter months. To enable the progress on this work, we are planning the need of additional temporary heat and enclosures. To access our gas service for the temporary heat on our site, we are working collaboratively with the abutting site to facilitate shared access to both sites. This collaboration allows us all the keep the progress going.