Topping Off Ceremony at 1515 Commonwealth Ave.


1515 banner lowered onto building during topping off ceremony

On July 12th, TOCCI, along with Davis and RODE Architects Inc. came together for the topping off of 1515 Comm. Ave.

The event commemorated the hard work and unwavering dedication of our trade partners and signifies the safe and successful completion of the structural phase of the project. At the ceremony, history played a big role. John Tocci, Sr. reflected on the origins of topping off ceremonies tracing back to 700 AD where they celebrated prosperity and life.

As a group, we commend The Davis Companies for championing this project at a time that marked a historic increase in material costs and supply chain disruptions. TOCCI is grateful for our partnership with The Davis Companies and their courage in navigating these obstacles. We applaud the teamwork and craftsmanship that has created this project thus far leaving an indelible mark on its path to completion. To the brilliant minds that designed and conceptualized, the skilled hands that build and bring it life, and to the many individuals who have touched this project in countless ways, we thank you!

Looking ahead, we are excited for the future of this project and the remaining stages of construction!