Tocci Wellness Program Recap


woman meditating in yoga pose on a dock

On Friday, Oct. 4, Tocci embarked on the second phase of their Wellness Program with a Fitness Lunch + Learn.

Our first phase, if you don’t remember, involved learning to eat better and establishing that as a habit. This phase kicked off with a healthy lunch of roast chicken, quinoa salad with black beans, and a corn and tomato dish served alongside a salad of mixed greens, sliced pears, and feta cheese.

Nikki Tierney from A Healthy Balance spoke about Getting and Staying Motivated with an exercise program. When she asked what motivates us, Tocci Staff mentioned a few negatives—fears and health concerns— and several positives such as self-satisfaction, feeling better, improved sleep, reduced stress, increased cardio strength, and wanting to eat healthy foods.

Some of the biggest hindrances are the excuses we make. Although there are legitimate barriers, most of what hinders us is an excuse.

One of the biggest tips Nikki gave was to develop a plan. If you intend to exercise, schedule it as an appointment, get out in front of your to-do list, and set up a reminder on your phone.

As a follow-up on Oct. 25, A Healthy Balance will be at Tocci’s office to conduct Individual Fitness Consultations and demo the equipment in their Fitness Center.