Tocci Visits Georgia and Armenia with World Vision


Tocci family visits Georgia and Armenia

John Tocci, his wife, Lila, and son, Tim will embark on a 10 day mission trip to the Eurasian countries of Georgia and Armenia at the request of World Vision. They are touring World Vision sponsored programs and facilities established for HIV/AIDS treatment, street children protection, orphan support, youth education and training, micro enterprise development, food relief and community and infrastructure development. We invite you to follow along on their trip and discover the life-saving work of World Vision in an area of the world desperately struggling to recover from the collapse of the Soviet Union and establish successful market-based economies.

Tocci Building Corporation has supported World Vision programs for over two decades.

World Vision

World Vision is a non-profit Christian relief and development organization committed to helping communities, families and children worldwide, regardless of religious beliefs, reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty.

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