Tocci Selected for Renovation of Autodesk’s New Hampshire Office


Longview of cubicle offices, next to large windows

The second project with Autodesk and KlingStubbins leverages virtual design and construction to deliver timely and cost-effective project solutions.

BOSTON, Mass. – May 1, 2012 Tocci Building Companies, a leader in virtual design and construction solutions for complex building projects in the corporate, healthcare, academic, and hospitality industries, announced today that it has been awarded its second project with Autodesk (NASDAQ:ADSK), a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. Housed within the Amoskeag Millyard, a historic area of former mills that has been renovated into office and residential space in Manchester, New Hampshire, the 40,000 SF project will consist of a comprehensive renovation and upgrade to the building’s third and fourth floors as well as the lobby.

In 2008, Tocci and architect KlingStubbins collaborated on Autodesk’s new headquarters in Waltham, the first true integrated project delivery (IPD) project in New England. The building earned LEED Platinum for Construction Interiors (LEED-CI) Certification and received 14 industry design and construction awards, including the AIA’s Technology in Architectural Practice: Building Information Modeling (BIM) award and chosen as the “Best of Year” in Interior Design magazine.

This second alliance between Autodesk, Tocci, and KlingStubbins kicks off with Autodesk’s alternative workspace solutions (AWS) process, which was modeled after the success of the team’s work on Autodesk’s Waltham office. AWS engages employees through surveys, workshops, and focus groups to seek input regarding the final design of their new offices. AWS configurations are characterized by open space and flexible seating arrangements that include areas for collaboration, communication, and quiet work, and are equipped with technology that ties the office and its employees together. While Autodesk has implemented the AWS process on previous projects, this is the first time the builder (Tocci) will participate in the activity.

The results achieved at our Waltham headquarters spoke volumes about both Kling Stubbins and Tocci’s dedication to utilizing BIM to fully implement our vision of a cohesive and transparent project team. We anticipate a similar end result at our Manchester location, and we are hopeful that the team will deliver a high-quality finished product within a highly collaborative framework.

Charles Rechtsteiner, Business Integration Manager at Autodesk.

Although the overall scope will be determined by the AWS process, the project includes a redesigned lobby area, upgrades to the third-floor training room, and updated finishes and lighting in the fourth-floor conference room, as well as renovations to common areas on both floors to create a more inviting environment for Autodesk’s 240 employees and visitors to the Manchester office. To accommodate Autodesk’s ongoing business activities, Tocci plans to divide the renovation into small projects within each floor, reducing the footprint of construction at any given time and minimizing disruptions within the occupied space.

We are very excited that this team – Autodesk, Tocci, and KlingStubbins – are back together for an encore performance. So often we start projects with a new team and have to invest a great deal of energy learning to work effectively together.  With this team, we can build on our prior team-building investments from the Waltham projects to achieve even better results with the new Manchester project.

Chris Leary, AIA, LEED AP, principal with KlingStubbins

Our partnership with Autodesk has enabled us to strengthen our practice of using virtual design and construction to successfully complete technically complex projects on time and within budget. Notably, it reinforces the idea that BIM has created a new sociology on project teams that demonstrates how achieving new levels of collaboration and accountability can deliver outstanding results. The renovations to Autodesk’s Manchester office will create an environment that supports the 24/7 nature of the facility and modernizes collaborative spaces while respecting the building’s historic attributes.

Chris Leary, CEO of Tocci Building Companies
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