Tocci Employees Tour Brookside Square


a crane outside of the Brookside Square construction site

Tocci’s marketing team, accompanied by Pierrette Iradukunda, visit the Brookside Square site.

Recently, Tocci employees including Caleb Fenske, Joanne Castner, and Vanessa Rhoads from the Tocci Marketing team, Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life, and Pierrette Iradukunda who is interning in the Operations Group visited Brookside Square, a mixed-use development in West Concord.

This was Pierrette’s first site visit, and she had this to say:

The visit to Brookside gave me a better idea of how buildings are actually put together. The site was pretty neat and I noticed that safety is a priority, for everyone had their PPE on and safety signs around the site.

A big thank you to Ken Dubois, Superintendent, for letting us come visit and to Dan Weber, Logan Larocque, and Ryan Smith for showing us around the site and answering all of our questions!