TOCCI Completes Federal Multi-Family Housing Development

A home base for U.S. Army Corps

TOCCI’s project team substantially completes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Family Housing Project! This redevelopment serves Soldiers of the Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) and their Families, many enjoying their first home. As the only active-duty Army Installation in New England, NSSC’s focus is to enhance, empower and enable the Joint Warfighter from all branches of the DoD as well as the Coast Guard.

The development includes two campuses – General Greene Avenue with 4 single-family homes, and Heritage Lane with 24 townhouses and 2 duplexes. Heritage Lanes’ homes are comprised of 120+ modular components built in New England by KBS Manufacturing.

Under the direction of TOCCI Superintendent Sid Massaro, General Greene was delivered to USACE in November 2021, with Heritage Lane completing in February 2022. TOCCI rounds out their work with closeout documentation, LEED Gold Certification testing, and final inspections with the Owner.

This modular design-build required intensive coordination with the architect, Khalsa Design, Inc. and trade partners, and strict compliance with federal protocols for a successful delivery. TOCCI created a high quality live and play neighborhood for personnel and their children to call home.

Modular design requires deep forethought and collaboration for seamless flow. We thank the Owner for selecting design-build and bravely taking the next step with modular. We also thank our service members for their patience as their homes took shape in the factory. We are proud to deliver this project to hardworking service members and feel grateful for the opportunity.

James Boucher, Director of Operations