Tocci Begins Construction on Modular Pharmaceutical Building for Amgen

Back exterior seen on a sunny day

Tocci, working with Jacobs and Pharmadule Morimatsu, is slated to start construction on a new next generation biomanufacturing facility for Amgen’s West Greenwich, RI manufacturing campus.

The new plant is the first-of-its-kind in the U.S.

The building is a combination of traditional steel framed construction and steel modular units which, once assembled, will create over 75,000 square feet of lab, clean room and support spaces. This facility will be constructed faster, more efficiently, and will ultimately reduce the building’s environmental impact.

We’re excited to join a great team in Jacobs, Pharmadule and Morimatsu, and Amgen – and we’re proud to be contributing to Amgen’s next-generation biomanufacturing plant. Tocci is looking forward to working collaboratively with this group to help bring a fantastic project to life in Rhode Island.

Bart Tocci, Business Development Associate