Project Updates: 3 Journal Square, Homewood Suites Brookline, Rock Chapel Marine, Waltham Landing


construction site with roller on top on dirt

Though the weather has been a hot topic on Tocci job sites lately, our projects have continued to move right along.

We checked in with some of Tocci’s team members about the job sites for progress updates.

3 Journal Square update from Amy Thompson-West, Director of Program Development:

“The project is in a pre-mobilization phase. Select demolition of the existing parking structure is taking place to enable install of the project trailers. The trailers should be set toward the end of next week or the beginning of the following week.”

3 Journal Square – Jersey City, NJ

Homewood Suites Brookline update from John Adams, Superintendent:

“The steel erection started on March 2nd. In February we had 9 snow/cold days but were able to progress with the foundation to allow for the structural steel erection in the first quadrant. The excavation and foundation work is progressing in the second and third quadrants to preclude a stoppage in the erection of the building.”

Homewood Suites – Brookline, MA

Brookside Square update from Hector Gomez, Project Engineer:

“Brookside is currently roughing the MEPs in the residential units as well as window installation. The exterior wall insulation is completed and soon the roof will be weather-tight.”

Brookside Square – West Concord, MA

Rock Chapel Marine update from John White, Superintendent:

“We have finally removed the ice and snow from the site and have excavated the perimeter pile caps and grade beams. We have cut and filled the tube steel piles with concrete and the concrete form contractor is on site this week.”

Rock Chapel Marine – Chelsea, MA

Waltham Landing update from Maria Schneider, Assistant Project Manager:

“Site operations have been all about the snow, keeping it cleared to allow for work to carry on safely. Despite weather delays, the steel has been erected and the adjustment is being finished. Padding of the steel began the other week.”

Waltham Landing – Waltham, MA