Project Update: Tocci Completes Universal Window and Door Office Renovation


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Tocci Building Companies Completes Office Renovation for Universal Window and Door in Marlborough, MA

Woburn, MA (September 3, 2014) – Tocci Building Companies (Tocci), a Boston-area construction manager and recognized leader in virtual design and construction solutions, recently completed an office renovation for Universal Window and Door (Universal) in Marlborough, MA.

Tocci worked with Ganek Architects, Inc. (Ganek) to complete the occupied renovation over a five-month period. The upgraded office space modernizes Universal’s work environment and fosters increased employee collaboration and productivity. A key to the project was Tocci’s phased construction strategy that allowed Universal to maintain full operation during construction – including manufacturing, sales, and management.

This partnership will yield positive results and new opportunities for our firm, as well as The New England Regional Council of Carpenters, due to a shared understanding of industry-leading building processes, quality of work, and safety practices. We look forward to collaborative efforts on new and notable projects while continuing to deliver highly-efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients in the future.

John Tocci, CEO of Tocci Building Companies

Tocci supervised and managed the demolition and renovation of four distinct areas of construction: the employee cafeteria, shop bathrooms, sales & estimating office, and management office. Universal, Ganek, and Tocci collaborated to reconfigure the cafeteria, improving the flow of employees through the space while accommodating both food preparation and employee seating. The office renovation created an open and professional space with raised ceilings and increased natural light. The overall effect is a dramatic improvement, yielding a pronounced and positive statement about Universal.

The Tocci, Ganek, and Universal teams tapped into their existing working relationship to resolve issues that arose from unforeseen conditions. For example, during the first phase of construction, Tocci discovered a terra-cotta partition severely compromised due to settlement. Tocci and Ganek developed several options and moved forward with the resolution, incurring minimal impact on the overall budget.

Collaboration and cooperation between Tocci, Ganek, and Universal really contributed to the success of this project. Continuous communication ensured that the team was able to overcome challenges and meet the client’s need while successfully completing the project on schedule.

Tony Sandonato, Executive Vice President at Tocci
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