Project Update: Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building

A floor of the Rodino Federal building under construction, with a focus on the ceiling

Floor 12 is ready to get going with a new, updated design.

The addition of a courtroom required KlingStubbins to reallocate program space and add an additional air-handling unit. As they finalized the design changes with the GSA, Tocci/Driscoll floor 12 was used as a guinea pig to test lead abatement on steel. The team looked at this as a learning opportunity for the process of lead abatement where needed on the existing steel. After one trial of lead paint removal, the team has a better understanding of the cleaning method and the precautions necessary to keep a clean, uncontaminated worksite. The project team is creating a work plan to address the concerns about the spread of lead paint chips.

Mechanical coordination for the 12th floor is in process. We’re hoping to be ready to shoot duct hangers and move forward with the fit-out by the end of next week.