Project Update: Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion

Lobby area of Marlborough Hospital Cancer pavilion, under the design phase

Completion of the Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion project’s detail design phase

The Detail Design Phase of the Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion project has just finished, meaning that the majority of the design decisions and validation have been worked out by the project team. Additionally, the team has begun making material selections, based on S/L/A/M’s design options, helping to further shape the design. The interior will feature light-hued wood accents and specialty art ceilings in the treatment areas. The infusion section will look out onto a landscaped healing garden which is expected to incorporate fountains and pieces of sculpture. Finish work for the Linear Accelerator and CT Simulation rooms will include custom millwork to enclose the medical equipment.

Parallel to the design process, we have begun bringing contractors on board for the Fire Protection, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing systems. Contractors will begin their processes by utilizing the Fitzmeyer & Tocci-developed BIM, and working backward from the devices down to the distribution, in order to assist with their design drawings.