NSSC Family Housing Awarded LEED Gold

Natick Soldier Systems Center Family Housing awarded LEED Gold!

This modular government multi-family project with two campuses at General Greene Road and Heritage Lane has met LEED standards due to specific efforts in Non-Toxic Pest Control, Construction Waste Diversion, and Rainwater Management.

Taylor Tocci, Project Manager of the NSSC project, notes:

  • Eight rain gardens were scattered throughout both sites to collect and hold runoff from hardscape areas, allowing water to slowly dissipate into the earth. Each rain garden is paired with an underground infiltration galley to handle any overflow volume.
  • Three tree box filters at the Heritage Lane site collect and filter rainwater near roadways and parking areas to clean rainwater before directing it to the onsite retention.
  • Each building has an associated underground infiltration chamber to collect and hold roof runoff. Each downspout is directed to the chamber, where rainwater dissipates into the earth and replenishes groundwater.

LEED Scoring

LEED projects earn points by adhering to prerequisites and credits across 9 measurements for building excellence, from integrative design to human health to material use.

About LEED

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a globally recognized symbol of excellence in green building. LEED certification ensures electricity cost savings, lower carbon emissions, and healthier environments where people live, work, learn, and play.

In the U.S., LEED-certified buildings have 34% lower CO2 emissions, consume 25% less energy, and 11% less water, and have diverted more than 80 million tons of waste from landfills.

The NSSC Family Housing project diverted 76.14% of construction and demolition waste, including concrete, asphalt, wood, and brick.