Mike Holden Gives Tocci a Demonstration on Drones


aerial view of the Tocci office building

On Tuesday, May 26th, we invited Mike Holden from National Lumber, who’s an R.C. Hobbyist, to Tocci for a drone demonstration.

To start the demo, Mike discussed with us how he uses the drone recreationally and answered any questions we could think of:

  • Who’s liable for drone accidents? The drone owner, there is insurance available.
  • How far can it fly? No more than 400ft up in the air and can be roughly a mile away if there’s a clear sight line.
  • What happens when the battery gets close to dying? There’s a fail-safe and the drone will automatically come home to its launch point.
  • Does it ever malfunction in the air? Not that Mike has ever seen or heard, but it’s possible that anything in the air (including airplanes and helicopters) can come down.

The drone he brought with him was controlled using an iPad and a remote control similar to an Xbox controller. To the bottom of the drone, Mike attached a camera on a gimble that could rotate 360 degrees to capture images and video from any angle. After Mike’s information overload, we made our way outside to take the drone for a spin.

This is a look at what we saw: