Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion: Construction Starts When Design Starts, and Design Ends When Construction Ends

VDC rendering of Marlborough Hospital Cancer pavilion

On a true IPD project like Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion, design and construction strike a unique blend with one another.

Like any project, there are matters that will require design tweaks up to the last minute, but IPD’s collaborative nature allows all parties to design, construct, and optimize together.

The project’s VDC Modeler Michael Carroll believes that in the best way possible, “design never really ends until you’re done with the project and the building has been open for a few months. It gives all parties involved a sense of pride and ownership over the project right until turnover and beyond.”

Michael contrasted how the team is approaching the design and execution of two systems: fire protection and mechanical. The engineer’s initial fire protection design was little more than a single line drawing sketched over a floor plan and list of criteria. The system wasn’t touched again for a few weeks until the subcontractor was brought on board through Tocci’s Early Engagement Procurement process. The subcontractor is fully responsible for the Implementation Drawings for fire protection, coordinating closely with structural and mechanical design models.

On the other hand, the engineer, Tocci, and the subcontractor will collaborate to deliver the Implementation Documents for the HVAC system. The engineer is responsible for stamped drawings, as he/she has been continuously developing the model through Detailed Design. However, rather than designing in a silo, the engineer is working with the subcontractor and Tocci through face-to-face meetings to ensure that ductwork is laid out efficiently. Rather than modeling generic equipment, the engineer is modeling the selected equipment, so we’re coordinating around reality. As the project enters the next phase of development, the majority of the modeling work will shift to Tocci and the mechanical subcontractor while the engineers will maintain an advisory role. IPD is flexible enough to allow for both relationships to develop out of a necessity to do what’s best for the project, whether traditional or novel. Read: construction starts when design starts, and design ends when construction ends.