Life on the 14th Floor of a Federal Building

Zoomed in image of ductwork on ceiling at the Rodino building's 14th floor

14th-floor construction continues

At the Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building, the 14th-floor construction continues, with all walls located and studs in place. Current activity includes electrical rough-ins and smooth sailing on ductwork installation (thank you, BIM coordination!). Since the whole floor is starting to take shape, you can really get a feel for the layout.

Oh, and the finalized design for the 12th floor: we are wrapping up coordination while incorporating a few additional requests. The courtrooms require additional reheat coils on the VAVs and dehumidifiers added to the Air Handlers. Thanks to some forward thinking by our Mechanical subcontractor, The Barham Group, and especially the Sheet Metal subcontractor, Halo, this change should not cause major issues.