Tocci Determines LEED at Autodesk

office space, with lights that were precisely located to achieve specific lighting levels

With just days until the completion of our Autodesk AEC HQ project, we are analyzing our work to see if we have met all of the predetermined milestones.

Predetermining milestones or criteria for success is one component of an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project. One such criterion is LEED; this project is applying for LEED – CI Platinum status for the interior of the building that Tocci has built. Platinum status is the highest ranking level of LEED certification and as such Tocci has had to be aggressive in our planning and managing of the whole building process.

In the planning stage of the project, we orchestrated an extremely well-coordinated effort to track all materials onsite. We created a massive library of all products brought to and from the site. We used advanced database software to track manufacturing and production sites of each product used to determine whether it was locally sourced; this included back-up data directly from the manufacturer. We also did the same for recycled content and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content.

While in construction, we used temporary heating to maintain clean HVAC systems and covered all HVAC and penetrations so that dust could not infiltrate. All onsite waste was separated into wood, metal, gyp, cardboard, solid fill, construction and debris for recycling. We routinely audited subcontractors for actual products being used onsite to assure adherence to the approved product library. Tocci also revolutionized our method of site cleanup by hiring a separate cleanup company and sharing the cost with our subcontractors, rather than the traditional processes of each subcontractor providing cleanup. This was both a lean initiative (specializing jobs eliminates waste) and a green initiative, because having labors dedicated specifically to clean up ensured excellence in waste management and better implementation of onsite recycling.

After submitting the application for LEED Platinum certification, there will be a 30-day review period before we know the official status of our sustainable efforts on this project.