Keeping the Weather Out


window with white panes, and potted plants on window sill

What is the right way to keep the weather out?

Contract drawings show one way, vendor details depict another, and consultants suggest a third recommendation.

Project Manager Joe Cavallaro combines his experience with recent enveloping training from SGH to answer that question on Forest City’s Transit Oriented Residential Development in Stratford, CT.

  • We reviewed the details in a collaborative work session with the architect, installer, manufacturer, and consultant. It’s important that everyone shares the knowledge! Ironically, the team met last Tuesday, during the rain.
  • The mock-up will stay on-site throughout construction, as the “test kitchen” for everything that touches or surrounds it. Trim and siding details will be worked out prior to mobilization. It establishes a level of quality, acceptability, and procedural model that will be carried throughout the project.
  • The cross-disciplinary team will review the installation process, analyzing each step and determining the best approach.
  • Each decision is cross-referenced with warranty documents, to ensure that we aren’t invalidating the warranty. Each decision and step is documented.
  • All parties will come to the job site to observe the first window installations, and to make sure that steps are followed and are feasible.
  • We will repeat the same process with everything else that “breaks” the envelope: doors, roofing, flashing, trim, HVAC equipment, etc.

With these strategies in place, Joe is looking forward to no callbacks!