Construction Safety Week – Fall Prevention Recap


fall prevention seminar with red ladders

TOCCI had Fall Prevention events at 1515 & BMC

OSHA has long publicized falls as the leading killer in the construction industry and looks to companies like TOCCI who are committed to keeping people safe to stand down the work for some time to talk about fall prevention. This event was recognized on both of our sites the week after Construction Safety Week.

The two areas of fall prevention TOCCI focused on were working from ladders and wearing fall protection equipment. We had two vendors come to our job sites to speak about the topic and provide training for the workers. As a result, we were able to train 112 people in fall prevention and fall protection-related skills.

At 1515 we had Justin Samples from White Cap there to train workers on the fall protection ABC’s which go into detail on how to choose the right anchor point, how to put on a harness and choose the right connecting device (lanyard). He also talked about inspecting all fall protection equipment. Finally, he used a drop test to show how the retractable lanyard worked, stopping 200lb weight from falling within 12-18” of travel distance.

At BMC we had Dean Avery from Colony Hardware to train the workers on safely working from ladders. He trained on how to choose the right ladder for the task, how to inspect a ladder, how to properly set up a ladder, and lastly how to climb and use a ladder the right way. We also got a glimpse of the different types of ladders available such as a podium ladder and a leaning type ladder.