China Next in Line to Adopt BIM Strategies


John Tocci and Laura Handler with Chinese delegation enjoying meal at the BIMForum in Denver

Last week, a delegation from the China Construction Industry Association attended the BIMForum conference in Denver, CO.

AGC staff and BIMForum leaders, including John Tocci and Laura Handler, had the honor of joining them for a lunch meeting, translated by Calvin Kam, Director of CIFE Industry Programs at Stanford University.

China’s interest in BIM implementation is not unfamiliar to China. In 2009, a delegation from several Chinese academic institutions and government ministries visited Tocci’s headquarters. In 2010, John Tocci keynoted the Application of BIM Technology in Design, Construction, and Real Estate Cooperation conferences in Beijing and Shanghai.

This meeting provided an opportunity for each country’s representatives to better understand the current state of the construction industry. Although China and the US have different challenges to overcome, we were all able to connect over the need for improved collaboration between designers and contractors.