Capitol Cove’s 2D Conversion and MEP Coordination Completed

The architectural and structural 2D conversion for Capitol Cove was completed on August 28th – on time + on budget.

The success of the project is largely attributed to the open lines of communication between the members of the modeling team. Mohamed Aboulezz, the Virtual Construction Planner:

I believe that this has been our best project yet. We have learned a lot from our past experiences, and it really shows in the model.

Mohammed Aboulezz, Virtual Construction Manager

Upon completion, the model was presented to the owner and architect, who were impressed with the effort and excited to use it during the construction of the building.

After completing the models of all of the systems, the Capitol Cove VDC team focused their attention primarily on modeling the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems. The architectural and structural models will be integrated with the systems models to assist with MEP coordination. The models will also be used to facilitate scheduling and constructability.

At this point, the subcontractors have approved the coordination solution for the first two levels. Despite tight plenum clearances, the floors were coordinated without soffits or a significant number of penetrations. According to Jaime MacFall, the Virtual Construction Coordinator on the project, “The timing of the coordination was such that we were able to have the penetrations prefabricated, resulting in some cost savings.”

The team also used the model to evaluate the effect of modifying the layouts of some kitchens and baths, helping the owner make critical decisions.