BIOGEN IDEC Moves Into 225 Binney


It was a rigorous project, but the Tocci team has wrapped up 225 Binney Street in Cambridge, MA.

The project took a little over 2 years to complete, and it is well worth the wait! Not only is the project for one of the world’s leading biotech firms, but it is also the first HCPD™ project in New England. On top of it all, we are also targeting LEED Gold certification.

Colocation during design and coordination was a new experience for me. I enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere.

Jennifer Heikkinen

Jennifer Heikkinen, who acted as the Senior Project Manager for 225 Binney was able to show off the project at Tocci’s recent staff meeting as well as share insight on its challenges and victories along the way.

One unique thing about 225 Binney was their use of photo-luminescent paint throughout the exit stairwells. The railings and exit routes were coated in this paint so they will be visible if the power were to go out or if there was smoke in the stairwell (a very modern safety feature). The parking garage also features charging stations for electric vehicles. As Program Managers, we must say that this project came out beautifully!

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