And a River Runs Through It!


construction area around Abbot Mills

4th of July Cookout + Project Update

If you happened to stumble upon Tocci’s home office yesterday at about 5:30 PM, you would have witnessed our 4th (well, 6th) of July celebration, which included an update on the Abbot Mill project followed by a company barbeque.

Abbot Mill representatives from Tocci included Ken DuBois, Site Superintendant; Bob Tierney, Superintendent; Victor Guller, Project Manager; VJ Tocci, Senior Project Manager; Angelo Syrniotis, Assistant Project Manager; and George Hunt, VDC Modeler who presented project photographs and good news from the construction site. The team has been working with a visionary owner, and there have been some unique challenges:

  • Each of the 131 units has a different layout.
  • As John Tocci told us last night, “a river runs through it.” Literally! Nestled underneath most of the building complex is a stream, which was once used as a source of power.
  • Each building was constructed separately (with the oldest dating back to 1910), resulting in varying floor levels between buildings.

But at the end of it all, Ken noted that Abbot Mill might end up being one of the most beautiful projects we’ve ever completed.

After meeting, everyone headed outside for hotdogs, hamburgers, PM Joe Cavallaro’s Melvin Village homebrew, and some intense games of bocce.