Abbot Mill Update: Pipes, Pine, and Primer

Tocci employees wearing PPE, as they discuss logistics at the construction site

Last week, the team met in building 6 to solve an issue that had come about with the main lines running from building 2.

The chase that was needed for the piping was in an inopportune spot, leaving the mezzanine level in the bedroom of the unit the only route for the pipes. Looking to ensure maximized space in the bedroom, we looked at the possible routing solutions. After some discussion and brainstorming, we were able to move the chase slightly to keep the functionality of the room and also allow the pipes to pass through to the level below.

In other news, the first round of the hardwood (red pine) flooring has also made its way to the site and is scheduled to be installed in the following weeks. These units also have their first layer of primer on the walls.