88 Wareham Street Forges Ahead

Tocci’s South End residential project make progress despite winter weather.

To get us up to speed, we spoke to Area Superintendent, John Adams:

The structural slab was placed last week at 88 Wareham Street, and we are currently setting up the gang forms for the basement foundation walls. A smaller 15 ton crane was brought on site and placed on the basement slab to assist in flying the Doka one-sided wall forms in place. The wall forms will be completed by the first week in February. Structural steel erection is scheduled to follow in early February and be completed by late April.

Due to our tight site logistics, there were few options for placement of the steel erectors crane. A location for the crane was finally selected, and helical piles with concrete pile caps had to be added underneath one set of crane outriggers to protect the adjacent building. The other pair of outriggers are within the basement foundation walls and supported with a designed rigging system from the basement floor to the ground floor.

Tocci’s scheduled completion of the 27 unit condominium project is fall of 2018.