Young Professionals at Tocci tour the Russian Wharf project


Young professionals at Tocci join the AGC’s Young Contractors’ Council (YCC) on a tour of the Russia Wharf project in downtown Boston

We thought we would let Rich Regitano an Assistant Project Manager at Tocci (and our resident high-rise geek) tell you what they learned about the project:

“The project is a 31-story high-rise office tower located between Fort Point Channel, Congress Street, and Atlantic Avenue.  The general contractor is incorporating both bottom-up and top-down construction methods to build the superstructure.  This means they are still excavating the foundation garage while the steel has already been topped off and the glass curtain wall has already reached the 2nd floor.  The major structural components of this project are:  slurry walls, deep piles, concrete cast core, and steel.

During early permitting the owner agreed to preserve the historic exterior facades of the three existing buildings.  This is why the lower stories of the structure are existing brick elevations.  The actual core of the buildings is being replaced and tied into the superstructure.

The building itself is 750,000 sq ft and includes office space, residential, common space, retail, and underground parking.  The Building is going for LEED Gold Rating.”

Header Image:
Aerial View of downtown Boston, MA
Credit: Art01852 (Permissions)