What is HCPD?


Highly Collaborative Project Delivery (HCPD) is a methodology that formally leverages select tenets of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) under traditional contract forms.

HCPD is not IPD, “IPD-ish” or “IPD Lite.” Terming projects “IPD-ish” or “IPD Lite” does not designate specific requirements or assure specific results; it is an implication of collaboration. HCPD, on the other hand, has defined requirements, tactics, and incentives.

Tactics within HCPD:

  • Collaborative BIM Implementation leverages digital data throughout the project lifecycle. Together, the team authors and sign off on a BIM Execution Plan that optimizes the use of model files use during design, coordination, fabrication, construction, and operations.
  • Colocation locates key design, construction, and owner team members in the same space to foster a cohesive, integrated project team. Colocation enables key decisions to receive vital input from the project team. The full team should collocate for key phases.
  • Lean Practices are used to support efficient, value-driven execution. Some examples include A3 reports to support decision-making, pull planning, and target value design.
  • Co-authorship of CDs combines lean principles and BIM to develop a set of construction documents that include the actual equipment, details, and layout. For most disciplines, trade partners actually create drawings, with the designer’s oversight; for others, trade partners provide feedback on the designer’s details.
  • Project Execution Planning builds consensus and aligns the team on project goals, tactics, and risks. The two-day workshop is typically conducted within the first two months of team onboarding and is followed up with periodic Healthcheck workshops.