What Does Your Department Do?


Image of office wall plaque in the VDC department, inscribed with the word "Optimize"

We visited our departments and asked a single question:

What is an essential aspect of your role here at Tocci that flies under the radar?

People Don’t Realize…


… is working on a multiple jobs at once. Our time sheets are incredibly meticulous because we alternate projects depending on what is needed. This is interesting because we get to touch everything. We know all the work that’s current, as well as what’s coming up!


… sees bid days typically running into a 10-12 hour workday. We usually receive subcontractor bids just a few days before it’s due, so we find ourselves running through all the numbers with a tight timeline.


… is extremely deadline driven. Being unflappable in high-pressure situations is imperative. We have to be detailed, yet concise with everything we do. We have to be willing to work until the very last second to make sure everything is complete.


… believes positivity is essential, and something people may take for granted. We strategically plan meetings and events while making sure all parties are in attendance. When something doesn’t go as planned, we need to pivot – control the issue (with a smile) and pull the event forward.


… are flexible – willing to switch modes at the drop of a hat. Each project is different; unique challenges often arise. You have to be pliable, adjust, and get it done.


… has to have superb communicators. Having a good rapport with the owner and subcontractor is very important. We need to deliver negative news in a professional manner. This is important because we want subs and owners to turn to us with any questions they have.


… document, document, document! We’re often on the phone getting through a long list of project tasks. Conversations can be extended, so documenting and following up with sub-contractors via email is crucial. It clarifies any misunderstandings and gives people a list of responsibilities to follow. It’s a small, yet essential detail.


… need to be leaders and teachers simultaneously. In the background, we are always answering questions and guiding people. If you want a good team, you have to be willing to cultivate it and help it grow.


… has a lot of balls in play, and need to consider how one action or decision affects another or has a cascading impact. We engage in constructive conflict as we listen to issues and propose various solutions. There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.

These behind the scenes tasks paired with the diversity of skills among employees truly makes Tocci what we are today!