Wearable Computing for the Building Industry


A man wearing a pair of Google Glasses

Coordination, safety, and communication with Google Glass

Google released a tiny factor computer for development in November 2012 that has potential for Iron Man’s future, Glass. The concept of pushing a PC into glasses isn’t new, but the true potential is access to real-time information and data processing, as the promotional video hints. In the construction industry, adapting wearable technology will have an array of advantages for owners and project teams.

View of construction site seen through a pair of Google Glasses

Here’s what I’m hoping for: gadgets that allow for seamless access and review of BIM onsite. BIM has become an industry standard – at least it is for us! Creating and sharing content is a necessary outlet for the transmission of building information from data-rich models. During building walkthroughs, imagine viewing a virtual simulation that will reveal irregularities between the model and the site. The wearable PC fitted with its own camera would analyze real-time data-building elements and perform checks based on standards like IBC, ADA, and ASHRAE.

The feedback system would have the potential of assisting and dissecting a complex building network, making billions of calculations per second. Fitted with a sensor, Glass will promote safety on the construction site. When a potential safety risk is detected the user is alerted. Documenting the site with photos and videos is effortless, using the onboard camera. Using Glass’ internet and camera, the project team will join you on-site virtually for support and review.

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Google Glasses
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