Unflappable – Calmness in a Crisis


Next to my desk is a sign with a word and a definition – Unflappable.

It means, “Having or showing calmness in a crisis” and it’s been one of Tocci’s values since 2015. In the chaotic world of construction (and now the chaotic world of COVID), it’s a word and concept I think about often, and one I encourage our people to pause and consider as well.

What does showing calmness in crisis mean for us? What does it look like on the job site, in the office, or working from home? What does it mean for our trade partners? Our clients? Our design partners?

Right now, COVID-19 is a wrench that has been thrown into the gears of the economy, and it’s nearly stalled the construction machine. While we continue our work — ensuring first the safety of our people and partners, and adhering to local mandates — we don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to grow.

During our forced virtual-office adventure our people will be learning new ways to adapt, to be productive, and calm in the face of crisis. We’ll share links to many of the same podcasts and educational materials on our social media channels. You’re welcome to join us as we become more resilient than ever.

Stay healthy,

John Tocci