Tocci’s 5 Networking Tips


Tocci employees socializing in a bar

Tocci team member, Maria Pelaggi, provides 5 useful tips on networking:

Attending conferences, meetings, tradeshows, and training is a great way to make new business connections but this can often strike fear in professionals new to networking when they have to converse with complete strangers. These opportunities however can result in great business connections. To help you make these connections, we asked one of our Business Development team members, Maria Pelaggi, to provide 5 tips to succeed at your next networking event.

1) Arrive at events (and business development meetings) early!

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2) Have 3 topics of conversation prepared that highlight what your company is working on.

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3) Know your elevator pitch inside and out.

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4) Don’t dominate the conversation, make sure to return the opportunity to talk by asking questions.

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5) Go in with a goal whether it is finding a specific attendee or company to engage.

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